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10 Ways to Hang Bedroom Curtains in a Rental Apartment.


Decorating a rental apartment bedroom might be difficult when you need assistance to make permanent improvements. Fortunately, there are simple ways to hang bedroom curtains without damaging walls or violating rental agreements. Follow these ten simple suggestions for hanging curtains in a rental to make your bedroom seem more comfortable.

1. Use adhesive curtain rods.

Adhesive curtain rods are renters’ best friend! These helpful rods stick to your wall with a strong adhesive and may be removed without causing damage. Just wipe the wall clean and you’ll never know they were there. Adhesive rods available in a variety of diameters, making slide extensions ideal for large windows. Hang them high and wide to create a lovely window frame with curtain panels.

2. Buy Spring Tension Rods.

Another simple curtain solution is spring tension rods. These adjustable metal rods fit tightly between two walls, providing just enough tension. Spring rods hold up tightly but leave no marks when removed. Choose an extra-wide tension rod for bedroom windows that will fit perfectly inside your window frame. Clip on some magnificent curtains, and your windows will go from bare to beautiful in minutes.

3. Test out tension shower curtain rods.

Shower curtain rods aren’t only for the bathroom! The curved tension rods easily fit into window frames to hang lightweight curtains. Get one broad enough to fit your window and hang fabric with clip rings. Shower rods are easy to store when not in use. They also work well over closet openings to provide a sense of privacy.

4. Hang clip-on curtains.

Clip-on curtain panels make it incredibly simple to hang curtains. These simple fixes include built-in plastic clip rings that attach to your window frame or ceiling. Drape the cloth panels over the rod and clip them in place. Clip-on curtain sets come in a variety of styles, including classy and whimsical. Best of all, they don’t require any hardware and will not cause any damage.


5. Consider Command Hook Curtain Rods.


Command hook curtain rods make use of damage-free Command strips. Simply mount the adhesive hooks to your upper wall or ceiling. Then, insert the simple metal or wood curtain rod through the hooks. Command strips are powerful, but they pull off without leaving any marks on your walls. This makes them suitable for quick curtain installation rods in a rental. Choose rods in various sizes to fit any window.

6. Consider Over-the-Door Options

Hanging curtains over bedroom doors is simple using over-the-door curtain rods and hangers. Many designs can securely clip or slide over the top of a door. Next, drape fabric across the rod attached to the door. In seconds, it transforms into a lovely curtain divider. It’s ideal for increasing privacy and creating separate areas in a studio apartment. Over-the-door rods also work on closet doors!

7. Test Out Tension-Mounted Poles

Tension-mounted curtain rods are hardware-free and simple to install. The telescopic poles are secured against two parallel walls with rubber-lined ends. Twist-to-tighten extensions provide a snug, secure grasp. They’re easy to set up and take down without damaging the rental walls. Tension curtain rods are ideal for small, typical windows in a bedroom. Extend them completely or to any desired length.

8. Look for built-in grommets.

Curtains and curtains with built-in grommets are incredibly easy to hang. The metal or plastic rings are securely fastened to the top hem of your blackout curtain panels. Slide a simple curtain rod through all of the grommets and hang as usual. With this convenient feature, you won’t have to sew curtains to drapery hooks or other hardware. Grommet-top curtains are available in a variety of fabrics, including lightweight sheers and luxurious velvet.

9. Try Track Curtain Systems.

Track systems allow for easy curtain installation. The kits include wall-mounted rails and hanging hooks that glide easily. To hang curtains or draperies, hooks attach to the grommets. Tracks can be bent to fit bay windows while keeping panels neatly hanging. Track motorized curtain systems are especially effective for broad bedroom windows. Tracks can be safely installed using adhesive or clip anchors.

10. Use adjustable ceiling mounts.

Ceiling curtain mounts let you hang curtains from the ceiling or upper walls. Adjustable mounts have long extension arms that reach the chosen curtain height. Mount base plates stick securely to ceilings using adhesive. Pass the curtain rod through the rings on the end arms to create quick ceiling-hung curtains. This distinctive, decorative style works nicely with huge windows. Rods are readily replaced out.

Ending Remarks

With some imagination, you may easily find curtain options that work for rental bedrooms. Follow the rental regulations to avoid lasting damage and make your area beautiful. These simple hanging options enable you to decorate windows on a rental budget. Your cozy, individualized bedroom awaits you!


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