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Smart Square HMH: New Approach to Healthcare Staff Scheduling


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Smart Square HMH is a complex software for scheduling and managing the staff for healthcare facilities. Smart Square HMH is a software developed by Avantas, a firm that specializes in healthcare workforce management. This software optimizes staffing, increases efficiency, and even enhances the quality of services offered to patients. It is especially useful for large healthcare organizations such as the HMH. It allows them to optimally address the needs of the healthcare workforce and the industry as a whole.

Features of Smart Square HMH

Advanced Scheduling Algorithms

Smart Square HMH has employed various algorithms in its scheduling system to minimize human intervention. These algorithms take into account various attributes including employee accessibility, skill level, preferred shifts, and patient requirements to develop an ideal schedule. This helps to minimize the time needed to prepare schedules. It also ensures that appropriate staff is posted to work on specific activities at the right time.

Real-Time Data and Analytics

The platform offers real-time data and data analytics which help managers to know the number of staff, their efficiency, and other indicators of performance (KPI). This data proves to be useful in decision-making, finding out trends, and preventing problems that may occur. For example, managers can easily notice that some departments may require more workers than others, and then adjust accordingly.

Mobile Accessibility

Smart Square HMH can be used on mobile devices, which means that the employees can view their schedule, ask for a swap, and even message their managers from their mobile devices. This flexibility is very useful, especially in a healthcare setting. Where the staff requires information to be provided to them promptly.

Advantages of Smart Square HMH

Improved Staff Utilization

Smart Square HMH makes it easy and efficient to schedule staff and thus the company can be sure that staff is being used optimally. This minimizes the cases of having to work extra hours and using temporary employees, resulting in huge savings for the organization.

Enhanced Patient Care

This paper aims to discuss the importance of staffing in healthcare organizations and how it influences the quality of patient care. Smart Square HMH guarantees the proper staffing of qualified personnel, which can positively impact the patient’s health condition and their level of satisfaction.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

The system’s flexibility to cater to staff preferences and ensure that the schedule is open for review can result in higher levels of staff satisfaction. When staff has the impression that their needs and preferences are being considered. Then they are most likely to be committed at work.

Operational Efficiency

The effective use of real-time data, advanced planning and scheduling, and predictive analytics also improve operations. Administrators can save more hours and devote that time to planning and executing important business decisions and catering to the needs of the patients.


Smart Square HMH is flexible enough to serve even small clinics and large healthcare organizations. This flexibility means that the platform can be expanded to meet the needs of the organization in the future. It is a great advantage since the value of the platform can be seen in the long term.

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Use Cases

Emergency Department Staffing

Due to the unpredictable nature of the patient flow in emergency departments. Smart Square HMH can use predictive models to estimate when the department is likely to receive a large number of patients. Then hire more staff in anticipation of the increased patient load. This way, the quality of care is kept high even if there is a high influx of clients in the facility.

Surgical Units

Surgical units are rather specific and their staff should be highly qualified. Smart Square HMH helps to assign the right staff with the right skills and qualifications to work on any particular procedure. Thus lowering the rates of complications and enhancing the results of surgeries.

Nursing Units

One of the challenges that nursing units have is the fact that they experience a lot of difficulties. When it comes to scheduling because of the differences in the levels of patient acuity. Smart Square HMH allows the distribution of the load among the nurses so that none of them gets overloaded while all the patients get the attention they require.

Administrative Departments

Apart from the clinical areas, Smart Square HMH can also be effective in staffing management of the administrative departments. This means that all the support departments including the billing department, and IT department. The patient service department is well staffed and this will help in improving the overall productivity of the organization.


Smart Square HMH can therefore be regarded as a step forward in the management of the healthcare workforce. It empowers healthcare organizations with the technological solutions and data analysis capabilities necessary to optimize staffing, patient outcomes, and organizational performance. Whether in a large urban emergency facility or a specific surgical service. HMH Smart Square guarantees that healthcare professionals are ready to face the challenges of their occupation as well as provide quality patient care.


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