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What is web design and web development?


Web design and development is a field of work that entails creating, developing, and managing websites. In fact, it refers to a wide range of Internet-related activities, including coding, server-side scripting, UI/UX design, SEO (search engine optimisation), and digital marketing.

Examples of web development services are:

Analysing rivals and planning web page layout.
Choosing typefaces and developing typography to enhance usability;
Controlling the amount of traffic a website can handle.
Testing the network security setup.
Creating SEO-friendly content to improve searchability.

The most common types of websites

Even though the number of existing websites is limitless, if you look at the internet as a whole, all pages will fall into defined and distinct categories. Below, we offer the most popular website types and purposes.

Website types include e-commerce, social media, personal blogs, portfolios, landing pages, forums, events, and catalogues.

Top 10 Web Design and Development Companies in Dubai

Whether you need to create a custom, complicated website from the ground up or simply maintain a single-page website, the team can help. Experienced and creative development firms will inject creativity, quality, and vision into your startup idea at any level.

To assist you in selecting a web development company, we’ve compiled a list of Dubai’s greatest teams and studios.

1. BM Digital

BM Digital is a software development business specialising in habit-forming products and excellent UI/UX design. They have a team of 190 bright-eyed thinkers and tinkers who assist companies in quickly validating business assumptions with an MVP, the very first product version that can be delivered to market. The team consists of a varied skill set, including creative web designers who generate visual concepts and engineers who turn them into a stable and reliable solution. The company’s portfolio includes completely functional web apps as well as single-page websites.

BM Digital provides web, mobile, and desktop development services and employs JavaScript technologies, with the majority of projects built on React.js and Gatsby.js. They work in six distinct areas: project analysis, website development, wireframing, testing, design, and post-launch support. Depending on their business needs, startup owners can outsource only one or all of the services on the list.

Areas of expertise include website design & Development and mobile apps development, UI/UX design, and MVP development, SEO Services, PPC Campaign, Social media marketing, graphic designing.


2. Digital Gravity.

Digital Gravity is an agency that transforms company concepts into effective digital solutions. Their primary concentration is on developing and designing websites. They have an experienced team that can create a responsive and dependable website from the beginning, fill it with engaging content, and assist with branding and identity marketing strategies. The Digital Gravity firm offers a free quote, allowing business owners to manage their budget accordingly.

Areas of expertise include web development, digital marketing, branding, and video animation.

3. Web Castle

WebCastle is a professional software development business based in the UAE that began operations in India in 2008. To date, they have completed over 1,000 successful projects for global companies and markets. The WebCastle team specialises in results-driven SEO methods to promote and position websites, as well as specialised e-commerce platforms. So, if you want to start a digital retail firm and require a website that will appear in the top search results, they are worth calling.

Areas of expertise include web and mobile development, e-commerce development, SEO, and digital and social media marketing.


4. Guerrilla Local.

Guerrilla Local is a Dubai-based digital marketing firm that focuses on e-commerce websites, SEO, and social media management. The team of professionals handles a wide range of duties and services, including developing UI/UX-optimised websites, operating SEO campaigns, and writing content for social media platforms.

The strongest aspect of Guerrilla Local is result-driven marketing. They want to help startups produce traffic, lead conversions, and ROI (return on investment) to satisfy their clients’ business goals.

Areas of expertise include web design and development, SEO, social media marketing, and e-commerce development.

5. Gzeez Technology

Gzeez Tech is a software development firm that operates in the UK, US, and UAE markets. They promise to deliver next-generation corporate applications for the web, mobile, and desktop, streamlining business operations and improving the user experience. The Gzeez Tech team uses all of the most popular web development technologies, including JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Python, and others.

Areas of expertise include web and mobile app design and development, digital marketing, UI/UX design services, and custom software solutions.


6. Digits

Digis is a prominent web design company based in Dubai. The team takes a startup-centric strategy, assisting them in defining their vision and launching commercial operations despite limited funding and other resources. Their objective is to “raise unicorns from startups” by offering high-quality consulting and technology services. They include specialised mobile and web development, quality assurance, project management, and scalability plans.

Digis adheres to the “one project, one time” approach; hence, the project cannot be dropped or reallocated midway through development.

Areas of expertise include IT consultancy, online and mobile development, CRM projects, blockchain technology, and UI/UX design.

7. Digital graphics.

Digital Graphiks has been developing online and mobile apps since 2004 and has won numerous awards. They believe in a human-centred approach to design, which entails understanding and addressing people’s needs and interests.

The company provides comprehensive services to assist startups in converting traffic into prospective leads. Digital Graphiks handles branding for their clients’ startups, digital marketing strategies, logo creation, and website building.

Areas of expertise include web design and development, digital marketing, video animation, and business branding.

8. V-Code

VCode is a full-service business that specialises in the design and visual components of websites. They dedicate themselves to considering all pertinent factors, guided by the latest technology and trends, to elevate your online presence to unprecedented levels. The team customises each project based on the target audience and clients who will visit your website. Overall, VCode has completed over 300 successful projects involving responsive websites, e-commerce solutions, and native and hybrid mobile applications.

Areas of expertise include brand strategy and art direction, branding, UX/UI and print media design, custom website and app development, and digital marketing and campaigns.

9. eTCS

eTCS stands for Elegant Information Technology Consultancy Services. It is a web design and development company with 8 years of expertise delivering business solutions to large, medium, and small enterprises or corporations using cutting-edge technology. The team focuses on web development, ERP software, SEO, and e-commerce applications.

In terms of payment, eTCS offers three packages with fixed rates ranging from 1500 to 2500 AED. They include website design, domain registration, hosting, SSL certificate integration, and search engine optimisation tools.

Areas of expertise include web design and development, e-commerce development, SEO services, ERP software, mobile app development, and content authoring.

10. Webdoza.

Webdoza is a digital agency that focuses on growth and results for projects of all sizes. They can be considered web design veterans, having founded the company over 15 years ago and built over 350 websites. The company’s values of professionalism, trust, support, and commitment underpin their long-term client relationships.

Webdoza focuses on websites that generate leads, sales, and traffic. The company offers three payment programmes for small, medium, and big organisations. They include website development, technical support for 6 to 36 months, digital marketing, and analytics.

Areas of expertise include web design, digital marketing, video production, e-commerce development, and copywriting.



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