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Today Prayer Times Karachi, Pakistan


Prayer is a fundamental aspect of Islam, with Muslims observing five daily prayers at specific times throughout the day. These times are determined by the position of the sun and vary depending on geographical location. Karachi, being a major city in Pakistan, has its unique prayer times that adhere to the principles set by Islamic jurisprudence.

Calculation Methodology

Karachi Prayer Times are calculated based on the solar position algorithm, taking into account factors such as latitude, longitude, and altitude. The most commonly used method for determining prayer times is the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) method, which relies on astronomical calculations to ascertain prayer timings accurately.

Fajr (Dawn Prayer)

Fajr marks the beginning of the Muslim day and starts at dawn, before the sun rises. In Karachi, Fajr prayer timings vary throughout the year due to changes in the length of daylight. It is recommended to perform Fajr prayer when the sky begins to lighten and ends before sunrise.

Dhuhr (Noon Prayer)

Dhuhr prayer takes place when the sun begins to decline after reaching its highest point in the sky. In Karachi, Dhuhr prayer occurs around midday, shortly after the sun starts to descend. It is observed when the shadow of an object is equal to its actual size.

Asr (Afternoon Prayer)

Asr prayer begins when the length of an object’s shadow is equal to its height, occurring in the late afternoon. The timing of Asr prayer in Karachi varies depending on the season, with earlier timings in winter and later timings in summer due to changes in sunset times.

Maghrib (Evening Prayer)

In Karachi Maghrib Prayer Times begins immediately after sunset when the sky turns from red to dark. In Karachi, Maghrib prayer timings change daily in accordance with the setting of the sun. It is essential to perform Maghrib prayer promptly after sunset.

Isha (Night Prayer)

Isha prayer commences when the twilight disappears and the sky becomes completely dark. In Karachi, Isha prayer timings fluctuate throughout the year, occurring after Maghrib prayer and lasting until midnight. It is recommended to perform Isha prayer before midnight.


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