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How to check eligibility for Canada PR for Aerospace Engineer?

Before getting eligibility for this profession let’s find out what is an aerospace engineer. Whichever is related to space and aircraft designing and manufacturing is what constitutes aerospace. This relates to air space so yes that is how it got its name.

There is a rise in demand for aerospace engineers, which is why Canada wants immigrants to come and fill them. After all, space has become such a subject of mystery, research, and exploration.

When you ask how to get a job in Canada as an aerospace engineer plenty of opportunities are open for hiring. Canadian employers are looking for professionals who have the right technical knowledge and educational background to fit the role of an aerospace engineer.

Canada Seeking More Aerospace Engineers in 2024 

Most of the components of aerospace systems are designed and developed by them. And, as we know the US is much ahead in this department, and Canada has the scope for success. Around 13 positions for aerospace engineers are available in the Quebec region of Canada.

Those who are manufacturers of aircraft, transport carriers of the air, and education, government, and research-based organizations are their top employers. You need to mostly be sitting in this type of job.

How to check eligibility for Canada PR of Aerospace Engineers?

1. Hold a degree of bachelor’s in the field of aerospace engineering or a subject closely related to aerospace. This can be mechanical engineering as well as engineering physics.

2. Get a Master’s degree or even a Doctorate in a connected area of engineering (close to aerospace)

3. You need to secure a license from either a provincial or territorial association comprising expert engineers. This will allow you to approve any drawings of engineering and reports. Also, you need a license to even hold the office of Professional Engineer (P.Eng.)

4. Once you have completed your graduation, only then you will be qualified to be registered as an aerospace engineer. But this should be an educational program that is an accredited one. But this will be given post three to four years of training of work experience which is supervised.

5. To be employed as an aerospace engineer you need to even pass a professional practice exam

6. On how to check eligibility for Canada PR as an aerospace engineer you need a 67 score to be qualified to enter the pool.

7. Get a professional certification from the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers. What this signifies is that they have adhered to the professional standards set by the Engineering Councils of Canada.

8. You should surely have with you a membership to the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute or the Society of Aerospace Engineers of Canada.

9. When they know how to get a job in Canada from India

as an aerospace engineer these certifications help them certifications and add reliability to their profiles. Now employers trust that you have knowledge from official authorities in Canada specializing in aerospace engineering.

10. You must be fluent in either English or French language. Since Aerospace engineers come under NOC Skill level A you will need a slightly higher IELTS score across all 4 bands. A CLB 7 shall be a must when you apply as an aerospace engineer.

Level of NOC CLB Level Listening Reading Speaking Writing
A More than 10 8.5 to 9 8 to 9 7.5 to 9 7.5 to 9
A 9 8 7 7 7
A 8 7.5 6.5 6.5 6.5
A 7 6 6 6 6

 11. Give your medical exam and police clearance certificates (for character screening)

12. You need to check whether you are qualified to apply under any of the immigration programs under the Express entry. Most of them apply under the Federal Skilled Worker program.

13. Calculate your CRS scores if you are applying through the Express entry. This will be calculated based on Human Capital, Skills transferability, and other additional factors.

How much are Aerospace Engineer paid on an average?

What if we told you that they get as much as $112,125 every year? Even on an hourly basis, they can get $57.50 which is a great amount.

Those who have just graduated and entered a job as an aerospace engineer can ask for around $82,500 annually and on the other hand those who are professionals trained for many hours get a whopping $155,000 every year.


Being an aerospace engineer helps you get a job in some of the most in-demand and respected professions in Canada. In case you want to know what is the process to apply as one, call up Nationwide Visas. They are presently regarded as one of the best visa consultants in Hyderabad.


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